The region

Where are we located?

Verdon Parc lies at the edge of the little Provence village of Gréoux-Les-Bains, at the end of the River Verdon. Make the most of your holidays to discover the hidden treasures of Haute-Provence… Our club is located between the natural parks of Verdon and Luberon, and just one hour from the “city of a thousand fountains”: Aix en Provence.

General geographical location

In Provence Alpes Côte-d’Azur lies Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, a wonderful department of South-East France. Here you can experience the Provençal way of life: play pétanque beneath the olive trees, read in the sunshine to the sound of cicadas, stroll around the lavender fields… But there’s more to the Verdon Gorges than that: climbing on the cliffs, paddling a canoe in the sun, having a laugh while rafting… Activities for all tastes!

All around, you’ll find breathtaking landscapes. Choose a vessel (pedalo, canoe, boat, etc.) and take to the lakes of Esparronet and Sainte Croix in order to admire the splendid Verdon Gorges. You can’t fail to be won over by the little Provençal villages nearby! When you stay at Verdon Parc, you’ll be discovering a whole region, not just a village!

Gems to discover nearby:

Be amazed by the Verdon Gorges at Lake Sainte Croix

Set off by bike (for the bravest among you) on the mountain and road bike trails departing from Verdon Parc. By car, head to the mountain ridge road (Route des Crêtes) for an incredible panoramic outing… Go down to Lake Sainte Croix to be amazed by the Verdon Gorges. After a nice picnic, you can’t say no to a pedalo ride on the lake! Then you can go and see the gorges of Europe’s most beautiful canyon… A unique memory to treasure!


Feel like a Roman at Gréoux-les-Bains Thermal Baths

Step through the doors of Gréoux-les- Bains Thermal Baths and go back in time to the Roman era… Troglodytic thermal baths full of relaxing hot water (42°), a lovely way to unwind… Those looking to relax for a few days should try the spa therapies on offer – there’s nothing better. To simply unwind, you’ll love being pampered for an afternoon at the thermal spa. Enjoy without moderation!


Experience the sensations of via ferrata

Discover the “grand canyon” as you’ve never seen it before! How about an aerial walk? Via ferrata is a way to experience extreme sensations while admiring splendid landscapes from an exceptional vantage point! Cling to the cliff walls, take a zip line over a sheer drop, cross over hanging monkey bridges… The outing promises to be full of surprises! So take the plunge!


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