Provençal specialities… or how to wake up your taste buds!

Fields of lavender as far as the eye can see, hills and bees busily gathering nectar… these are the magic ingredients of Haute-Provence. Just add 300 days of sunshine per year and a dash of ancestral know-how and you get a terroir that is full of flavour! Would you like to try a few specialities?

Don’t waste a drop of yellow gold.

Here in Provence, olive oil is like a family history… Ancient olive trees receive the best care and every year there is a vote for the best vintages. Why not go to the mill to savour a few drops of yellow gold? Taste the powerful, fruity or herbaceous flavours directly by the spoon or on a piece of bread! Can you taste the bitterness? Or maybe you prefer a milder blend? One thing is sure, cooking with olive oil brings character to any dish!

What about tapenade? Spread the word!

What could be better than tapenade to wake up your taste buds during an aperitif? Lovingly prepared from a mixture of black olives, garlic, capers and fillets of anchovy, this creamy paste can be eaten at any time! For lovers of green olives, a variant also exists with almond powder or pine nuts… You can use it as a spread, as a dip for sticks of vegetables, or stuff poultry to serve it with a Provençal sauce!

As sweet as Provençal honey

Bees have already been busy to prepare your dessert! In the middle of the summer, these tireless workers never take a break and travel miles to bring pollen back to the hive. The result is incomparable: a honey that is fine, fragrant and extremely sweet… With over 2,000 species of flowers, the Verdon Regional Natural Park is home to a third of the flora of France… We leave it to you to imagine the diversity of flavours that will enhance your desserts or breakfast! Choose among lavender, rosemary, lime tree, sunflower, acacia, etc. Take a little bit of Provence back home with you!

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