Haute-Provence… naturally!

We could explain how the Verdon Gorges were created 66 million years ago, but we are afraid of getting lost in the meanders of time! Fortunately, the result is there to be admired, so we will take you for a discovery of fabulous landscapes that are a feast for the eyes.

Visit the Grand Canyon

Head for the Verdon Gorges for starters… A few hairpin bends, some breath-taking scenery, and a unanimous reaction: “Wow, it’s incredible!” With no less than 40 kilometres of cliffs, it is hardly surprising – it is the largest canyon in Europe! Cast your eyes 300 metres below and let yourself be hypnotised by the turquoise blue river that winds its way through the gorges.

Admire the jewels of Verdon Natural Park

One life would not be enough to explore all the jewels of this natural park. The pure waters of lake Sainte-Croix, the hills of the Haut-Var with the Alps in the background, the Valensole plateau and its fields of lavender, the Artuby valley… Whether you’re an athlete or just like to stretch your legs, lovers of heritage or magnificent landscapes, this protected natural area offers plenty of activities to suit all tastes!

Luberon Natural Park will take your breath away

Don’t miss a chance to also explore Luberon Natural Regional Park, which is very close to Verdon Parc. Nestled between the Durance and the mountains of the Vaucluse, it also conceals a remarkable natural and cultural heritage… Just follow your nose! You are in the heart of Provence and the scent of lavender will remind you of the fact at every step…

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